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Steel is of utmost importance in India, it drives the infrastructure, automotive and construction sectors in a major way.  Last year, India was the largest producer of steel in the world. With more and more growth expected in the sector, steel trading can be quite profitable for investors but where do you go for real time updates on steel prices? You come to BigBits. At BigBits we provide all the details you need to make a sound investment. We send you daily updates on steel rates, mandi prices, loha rates and even provide real time updates on steel prices through a subscription model. All you need to do is subscribe and we will send you SMS with the current steel rates.

The Steel Market

Commodity markets such as steel trading market are all about making the right choices at the right timing. India has low-capita steel consumption, that and the growth in infrastructure, automotive, construction and railways has set a great forecast for growth of steel industry and the demand for steel. This has made steel trading a very attractive investment option. The following advantages also supplement the profitable nature of steel trading:-


Diversification of Portfolio

Investing in commodities like steel lets investors diversify their investment portfolio. Often, if a market crashes, commodities market may not be crash and thus mitigate the risk of a loss on all your investments.


Greater Transparency

Steel and other commodities are traded with greater transparency than other goods. There are usually a large number of participants in a commodity futures market and that adds to the transparency element.

Higher Profits

Commodity trading is riskier than other forms of investment thus they can incur huge profits or huge losses. In the present scenario, the prospects for steel industry and steel trading are extremely positive thus the market environment makes it conducive for trade.

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The BigBits Advantage

Steel trading is quite profitable however you need the correct information and guidance to make the most out of it. With BigBits by your side, you only stand to gain and make wise choices with respect to your steel trading decisions. Our product, the BigBits Rate Tracker comes at an annual subscription of only Rs. 3,000 and guarantees the following advantages:-

  1. Real time updates on steel rates
  2. Information about industry trends
  3. Helps you in making sound decisions about your investments
  4. Helps you capitalize on potentially profitable market trends
  5. Saves your time in searching for information and updates about steel rates

So what are you waiting for? Make the most out of your investments in steel. Subscribe for BigBits Rate Tracker now! Got questions, contact us at +91 98550 00191.


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