Mandi Iron Rates

Mandi Gobindgarh is in Fatehgarh Sahib district of Punjab. The town named after the Sikh guru - Guru Hargobind Sahib is famous for its iron and steel industry and is often called Loha Mandi. There are a lot of iron industrial units, steel industrial units, scrap iron sellers and re-rolling mills in Mandi. The various iron and steel units in Mandi Gobindgarh produce a wide range of goods that support other industries like construction, roadways, automobiles and ports.

Iron Industry in Mandi

Mandi Gobindgarh has been an industrial town from pre-independence days. The area is abundant in iron and iron ore thus due to easy availability of raw materials, iron and steel industry thrives in the town of Mandi Gobingarh. Not only in Punjab, but Mandi Gobingarh produces iron, iron scrap and steel that is used all over India. Investors who wish to trade in iron stocks can earn profits by gaining knowledge about Mandi iron rates and iron industry.

Mandi Iron Trading

The present scenario is India demands a lot of iron and steel based products. Infrastructure, construction, roadways are some sectors that are making heavy use of iron and steel. Even the future outlook for iron looks positive. However, investors should still continue to monitor the Mandi iron rates from time to time before investing in the commodities market. Iron prices can change as per market conditions and global market scenarios. A good investor is one who knows when to keep his stocks, when to buy new stocks and when to sell his stocks. Thus, timing is quite important for successfully trading iron and iron products.

Mandi Iron Rates

Iron prices and loha rates keep fluctuating and the prices swing in a volatile manner. An investor should thus research about market conditions thoroughly and then take investment decisions. Investors can find accurate information about Mandi iron rates and iron prices at, a website carrying information about iron and steel rates, iron scrap prices, ingot prices, market news and trends. The iron rates are updated regularly on the website and investors can also opt for a subscription based service called the Bigbits Rate Tracker to get real time iron rate updates on their phones. The information on Bigbits with respect to the iron prices will help an investor in making his own analysis about the iron and steel markets and thus take informed decisions while trading.

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