Mumbai Iron Rates

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. It is the most largely populated metro and India’s commercial and entertainment capital.  Mumbai is home to many financial institutions, companies and conglomerates like NSE, BSE, SEBI, RBI, BARC, NPCL, Department of Atomic Energy and AECI. Many banks are headquartered in Mumbai so are many IT and ITES companies and other industries. Some notable companies with headquarters in Mumbai are ICICI bank, HDFC, State Bank of India, Tata Group, Godrej Industries, Parle Group, Reliance Group, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Larsen and Toubro, Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum. The city is also home to a diamond market in BKC. The city has markets that sell all kinds of products from clothes, cosmetics, utensils to luxury goods. It has a very old and large iron market which sells all kinds of iron products.

Mumbai Iron Industry

Mumbai has several iron and steel manufacturing units in its vicinity. Scrap iron or lohe raddi ka maal is widely traded and supplied by wholesalers and retailers in Mumbai. Iron sheets, iron rods, iron ingots, iron billets, and iron pipes are manufactured on a large scale in Mumbai. Mumbai is home to the petrochemicals industry and many iron products and steel products are utilized by this industry for its daily functioning and upkeep. Construction of buildings, flyovers, highways, industrial units is always underway in Mumbai and adjoining areas thus iron and steel are both in high demand at all times. Mumbai is also home to Mazagaon dockyard where ships are built and again iron and steel are extensively used in the docks for shipbuilding and repairs. Apart from this, Mumbai has several ports and docks from where iron and other metals are shipped to other countries in the form of semi-finished or finished goods.

Mumbai Iron Trading

Due to the ever increasing demand for iron in Mumbai, any investor can make huge gains with investments in iron stocks. To be successful with any investment, investors must research properly and gain knowledge about the past and prevailing market rates and market trends. While trading iron, investors must research about the iron rates for several months so as to better understand how the stocks move over a period of time under various market conditions. This would enable investors to select the most optimum time to trade.

Mumbai Iron Rates

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