Raigarh Iron Rates

Raigarh is home to India’s largest sponge iron plant operated by Jindal industries, called Jindal Steel and Power Limited. This particular sponge iron plant is also the second largest sponge iron plant in the world. Apart from this, the city, a part of Chhattisgarh state has more than 60 sponge iron plants and several iron industrial units and mills. The area around Raigarh is abundant in coal and iron and hence the city is home to several iron and steel plants and mills as well power generation plants.

Raigarh Iron Industry

Raigarh iron industry is the largest producer of sponge iron in India. This sponge iron has high density of iron and is consistent in its quality. The Raigarh sponge iron is further used to make steel products not only in Raigarh but also other parts of India. Many other industries benefit from the Raigarh iron and steel products. Some of these are power and energy, railways, construction, heavy engineering, automobiles and machinery.

Raigarh Iron Trading

Raigarh iron and specifically sponge iron are always high in demand due to their strong and robust nature. Raigarh being the largest producer of sponge iron in India influences the iron rates and prices. New entrants in the iron trading scene must follow the Raigarh iron rates and prices consistently to comprehend the workings of the iron markets. Iron trading is quite lucrative for investors. The iron stocks trade in a volatile manner thus with high risk lie high profits or high losses. If the investor makes the correct trades, he can gain double or triple of his invested amount. However, the investor must stay abreast of Raigarh iron rates and prices at all times and should study them over a substantial period of time before investing.

Raigarh Iron Rates

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