Rourkela Iron Rates

Rourkela has one of the biggest steel plants in India. The SAIL steel plant in Rourkela was set-up in 1955 and this plant was set-up in Rourkela due to the easy availability of iron and coal in Rourkela and adjoining areas. While Rourkela has iron factories too that produce pig iron, sponge iron and other iron products, a major portion of iron is used to manufacture steel.  The SAIL plant is one of a kind and has been a pioneer for many types of products in India. Investors looking to trade iron and steel should definitely keep themselves abreast about Rourkela iron rates and steel prices to earn profits with their investments.

Rourkela Iron Industry

Rourkela has red soil that is rich in many minerals, notably iron ore and coal. The steel plant was set-up in Rourkela and then it was developed as an industrial town from the 1950s onwards. The iron ore that is extracted in Rourkela thus is processed in several units to produce quality iron and steel products. Iron rods, iron bars, iron sheets, automobile parts, construction beams, sponge iron products and pig iron products are produced in Rourkela and supplied to other towns and cities across India.

Rourkela Iron Trading

Commodity markets are hard to predict but a good knowledge about market situation and understanding of how the market operates can help an investor in taking the right decisions at the right time. Investments in iron and steel are a good way to diversify one’s investment portfolio but have a high risk associated with them. Investors can benefit from Rourkela iron trading by regularly reviewing Rourkela iron rates, scrap iron prices, steel rates and market news.

Rourkela Iron Rates

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