Scrap Metal Prices in India

Scrap metal prices in India are a convenient phase now and investing in the metal market in India has much scope and options for fruitful benefits. As per the steel ministry's 2018 annual report, a total of 5.7 million tonnes of scrap was imported by the Indian steel industry during the time period of 2016-17.

What is noticeable here is that such a huge amount is not enough to meet the domestic demand for scrap metal. As per the report in the media, India still needs approximately 20 million tonnes of scrap metal from different sources to meet the growing demand.

Furthermore, India is planning huge developments in the infrastructure sector which will drive more metal consumption by the companies. Whether it is steel scrap or iron ore, the production of such metals would increase drastically.

If you want to invest in the scrap, it is the best time.

Why to know scrap rates in India:

Current scrap rates in India do not the only factor in immediate supply or its demand but also expectations of future supply will be affected.

It is a better and safe way to stay updated about the scrap rate per kg daily to ensure that you are not making losses. Live scrap rates will let you buy or sell the stock to earn instant profits.

If you have any mechanism that updates you about the scrap price today, you can make instant decisions to get profits from your investment. Hence, it is very significant to know the daily scrap prices in India.

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Scrap prices in India for a detailed price with chart and historic index is available. You can choose the date range for the desired period and compare to Indian Scrap prices with other material prices like Iron rates In India and Steel rates in India.