Steel Ingot Price in India

Steel ingots are popularly used in different industries such as power engineering and shipping industry and manufacturing industry. There are different types of steel ingots you can find for specific requirements of the clients such as square, round, rectangular, and polygonal cross-section. You can order to the steel ingot manufacturing company as per your requirements.

Square steel ingots are used for rolling into billets, rails and other structural units. If you want to roll steel into flat products, rectangular steel ingots are used. When it comes to tube making, round steel ingots are used and for tyres and wheels, polygonal steel ingots are used.

There are various methods of producing steel ingots. However, there are two popular methods that are mostly used for the production of steel ingots- Top Pouring of the liquid steel in the moulds and Bottom Pouring of the liquid steel in the moulds. Manufacturing companies choose any of the above methods to get an ingot shape as per the clients’ requirements.

Investment in steel ingots and ingot rates in India:

There is a huge requirement of steel ingots in the manufacturing and power engineering industries in India and that is the sole reason for hike in the steel ingot investment. There is a huge opportunity in steel ingot investment if you want to invest in the metal commodity. However, you have to stay updated with the ingot steel rate per kg and live ingot rates to get the maximum benefits for your investment.

When you are getting Steel Rate per kg, you can get quick investment decisions. For example, if you know that the ingot prices in India are declining, you can sell your stock and vice versa.

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