Durgapur Steel Rates

Durgapur is often called the steel city of West Bengal or the steel city of Eastern India. The city is well known for its industries and has two steel plants, one by SAIL – Durgapur Steel Plant and the other is Alloy Steel Plant. Durgapur is the third biggest city in West Bengal, the most industrialized city in Eastern India and is India’s second planned city after Chandigarh. The city of Durgapur produces steel products like ingots, billets, skelp, forged wheels, axles, semis and merchant products.

Durgapur Steel

Durgapur is one of the major centres of steel production in India. The steel produced in Durgapur is quite sturdy and is used to manufacture products for the automotive industry, construction industry and oil and petrochemicals industry. Durgapur is particularly known for its forged wheels. Due to its status as the hub of steel production in India, particularly Eastern India, Durgapur influences the market prices of steel, steel ingots, iron rates and billets. Traders, investors and businessmen looking to make profits out of steel stocks can benefit a lot if they closely follow the Durgapur steel and iron rates and Durgapur ingot prices.

Durgapur Ingot

Durgapur ingot can earn investors and traders huge amounts of profits in a short period of time provided they have analyzed the market properly and kept a track of the trends dotting the commodities market. Ingot is a block of steel and the product that steel industries produce in the first stage of production. An ingot is easy to transport and is often taken to other steel manufacturing units to produce other specialized steel products and finished goods. Ingot trading is quite volatile but when timed right, can reap huge profits.

Durgapur Ingot Trading Information

Durgapur ingot trading information is not always easy to find online. The major challenge lies in finding real time updates and daily changes in the ingot prices. However, this has now become easy with Bigbits.in, an online portal carrying full information about Durgapur ingot and Durgapur ingot trading prices. Investors, traders and merchants can now access Bigbits.in to review updates about Durgapur ingot. Incase, they want to receive real time updates on their mobile, then they can subscribe to the Bigbits Rate Tracker that comes at an annual subscription of 3,000 INR.

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