Jamshedpur Steel Rates

Jamshedpur is India’s first planned industrial city. The city was founded by Jamshetji Tata and is named after him; it is also called Tatanagar or Tata at times. Jamshedpur has the largest steel plant by Tata steel and is called the Steel City of India. The area in and around Jamshedpur is very rich in minerals and metals such as iron, bauxite, coal, lime and manganese. The city of Jamshedpur is home to many industries but the biggest is the iron and steel industry. Other industries include Tata motors, cement and small and medium enterprises allied with the operations of the iron and steel industries.

Jamshedpur Steel Industry

Jamshedpur or the Steel City of India is home to Tata steel, Usha Martin steel and several other steel mills and industrial units. The Jamshedpur steel industry is known to have supplied steel for railway tracks during World War I. Even today, the Jamshedpur steel industry supplies products to railways, construction sector, highways and road development, manufacturing sector, heavy engineering sector, agricultural sector, power sector and oil and natural gas sector. A wide range of products are manufactured by the Jamshedpur steel industry like carbon steel, low alloy steel, cold heading quality steel, free and semi free cutting steel, spring steel, bearing steel, micro alloyed steel, steel wires, bright bar quality steel, cathode bar steel, power transmission steel products, front axle beams, rear axle shafts, stub axle, transmission gears, crown wheels, coil springs, leaf springs, hydraulic cylinder piston rods, specialty steel bars, specialty steel bar rods, hot rolled coils and sheets, steel tubes, electro plated steels, pre-finished steels, direct rolled steel, metallic coated steel, narrow steel strips, structural steel, modular steel, building components, agricultural implements like hoes, sickles, crowbars, shovels, pick axes, hammers, garden tools, files, ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, magneto bearings, clutch release assemblies and cylindrical roller bearings.

Jamshedpur Steel Trading

Jamshedpur steel trading is beneficial for investors. Steel trading can earn great profits for any investor provided he or she makes investments in an informed manner after following the market trends and understanding how the market operates. Investors should always understand how markets work and then invest money.

Jamshedpur Steel Rates

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