Kandla Steel Rates

Kandla or Kandla Port Trust is located near Gandhidham in Gujarat. The Kandla port is situated in the Gulf of Kutch and is about 256 nautical miles away from Karachi Port in the southeast and 430 nautical miles away from Mumbai Port in the northwest. Kandla Port Trust supplies products like steel, engineering products, furniture and salt. Kandla Port Trust is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 certified and an ISPS compliant port.

History of Kandla

Kandla Port Trust began when Maharao Khengarji got RCC Jetty constructed in the year 1931. After the partition of India, the Karachi port became a part of Pakistan and in 1950 Kandla Port was developed to serve as a major port for India. The port of Kandla handles the largest volume of cargo in India. There are plans underway that will enable the port to handle 8 million tonnes of cargo per year. The Government of India has sanctioned 993 crores towards six projects for the development and growth of Kandla Port very recently. There are plans to even develop a smart port city at Kandla in the coming times. This would be India’s first port city and would span across 1,525 acres of land, of which 845 acre would cater to a smart industrial zone and 580 acre would be used for developing smart residential projects. Kandla Special Economic Zone, the development of which is currently underway is about 9 Kms from Kandla Port and 60 Kms from Adani Port, Mundra. It is the largest multi-product functional special economic zone in India. It is spread over 1000 acres of land and had about 185 performing units by 2014 year-end. It was also Asia’s first ever Export Processing Zone (EPZ).

Kandla Steel Rates

The Kandla port is a major terminal for exports. Steel, iron, salt, textiles, grains and petro chemical products are exported and imported at the Port of Kandla thus making it one of the highest revenue generating ports of India. The steel from Kandla is used in construction sector mainly and in building new ships. Kandla steel rates are quite high at present due to the positive outlook for steel sector in India and overall development of Kandla Port and its vicinity. Investors can make huge profits with Kandla steel trading provided they do in-depth research on Kandla steel rates. Here, Bigbits can benefit investors. Bigbits has important information on steel prices in India as well as a subscription service that provides real time updates on latest Kandla steel rates.