Kolkata Steel Rates

Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal and one of the metro cities of India. The city of Kolkata, often called the City of Joy is one of the oldest cultural, educational, commercial and financial hubs in India. Kolkata has many many industries such as steel, mining and minerals, heavy engineering, cement, pharma, agriculture, electronics, textiles and jute. Kolkata and the area surrounding Kolkata is home to several steel plants that manufacture various types of products like ingot, billet, scrap, steel bridge girders, track components for railways, railway wagons and coaches, boiler structures, cable tray, civil works, idlers, structural work for other steel plants, silos, heavy fabricated items and mechanical equipment to name some.

Kolkata Steel

The city of Kolkata is home to many steel plants that cater to products across industries. Some products are manufactured for use in other steel plants; some are produced for railways, some for bridges and highway construction, some for heavy engineering industry and some for ports. The presence of steel plants and the wide range of products that Kolkata steel plants manufacture have accorded Kolkata an important status in the determination of steel market rates and indices. Investors who trade steel prices, Loha rates and ingot prices often follow Kolkata steel and ingot trends while deciding their next move, whether to buy, sell or hold onto a stock.

Kolkata Ingot

Kolkata ingot and steel rates keep changing as per trends in the global and domestic markets. However, betting your investment on Kolkata ingot can reap you rich benefits provided you know what move to make and when. Ingots are manufactured in Kolkata and then transformed to other products in various steel plants. Ingot trading is quite lucrative and yields good profits.

Kolkata Steel & Ingot Trading Information

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