Raipur Steel Rates

Raipur is the capital of Chhattisgarh and one of the oldest cities in India that was established in the 9th Century. It is one of the biggest markets for steel and iron in India. The city of Raipur is home to 200 steel rolling units, 195 iron sponge units, 6 steel plants and 35 Ferro-alloy plants. The area in and around Raipur is rich in metals and minerals and thus the place is also home to several other industries apart from steel, such as coal, aluminum, plywood, power, rice, cement manufacturing plants and chemical plants.

History of Raipur

Raipur city is an ancient city that later became one of the major commercial centres due to easy availability of raw material. The city was initially in Madhya Pradesh and was the second biggest commercial centre after Indore, however after Madhya Pradesh was divided in Chhattisgarh, Raipur became the capital city of Chhattisgarh state in the year 2000. Raipur is often known as the Engineering capital of India due to the presence of several industries and prominent educational institutes in the city.

Raipur Steel Trading

Due to the central location and easy availability of raw material in the area, Raipur has more than 6 steel plants. The steel is produced locally and then sold in Raipur market for use throughout India. The steel powers several sectors from construction to infrastructure, power and railways. As Raipur is India’s biggest steel market, knowledge of Raipur steel prices is crucial for steel trading and stocks.

Raipur Steel Prices

Raipur steel prices are full of upheavals owing to the nature of the commodities market. The gains from Raipur steel trading are high and extremely beneficial for investors. Investment in stocks brings good returns if proper analysis and study is done of stock patterns and prices. It is difficult but good knowledge goes a long way in making profits from stocks. Investors can use Bigbits to gain information on a real time basis about Raipur steel rates and then make decisions about whether they should buy more stocks or sell them. They can also decide if they want to hold onto a particular stock or not. Bigbits has a subscription service called Bigbits Rate Tracker with subscription price of only Rs. 3,000 annually that sends SMSes to investors about Raipur steel prices daily and immediately. Investors can then understand trends with respect to Raipur steel rates and decide about their investment.